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Mwah! Clueless!

2008-06-24 11:46:49 by NemesisTheory

I'm having a hard time deciding what to upload next, really. I've a bunch of stuff lying around and I don't want to upload it all, honestly. So, I'm gonna ask the few who actually visit this side of the interwebs and see what comes out!

I haaave...

New Boss Theme,
Harder faster and stronger than Rose at Midnight, which was just a fight theme really.

Victory Theme,
I suppose I really don't have to explain that one.

(A few of you already saw this one, maybe, before I removed it.
I'm not exactly happy with it just yet!)

(Another lol) Trance Song, I suppose this one speaks for itself too.

Or I can take a request and remix some videogame song.
I have to like it as well, though! I can't really work if I don't have any inspiration when I listen to the song, lol.

Anyway, um, I guess that about covers it. There's other random stuff but honestly, I'm just not happy with 90% of what I create, end up posting it and seeing flaws in it eventually that I really regret not having fixed, or added... I'm just never satisfied I suppose.

If you managed to read through all that I'm actually impressed.

Also why did we lose to Russia? waaah! ;_;
no more orange parties till at least two years!


2008-04-02 09:29:43 by NemesisTheory

There's a lot of love going around on this audiopage lately, don't you think?
Don't worry, it's all mutual.

Holy awesomesauce!

2008-01-23 07:53:21 by NemesisTheory

Ghostwave is #1 on the audiocharts?!

Thanks a lot guys, I never saw it coming with this track!

Anyway, I guess I owe you an update on how it's going in the clubs - so far the response has been great and I've been asked to do a little more for them, acapella remixes in fact.

So the question really is; would you like to have those type of remixes on the NGAP? Let me know!

Once again, many thanks to everyone who's been supporting me. I may not know all of you but I damn sure as hell love you. :p

Also, I have to note this, R.I.P Heath Ledger. I was really impressed by his performance as Joker in The Dark Knight. It's really sad to see that kind of talent disappear so sudden.

Holy awesomesauce!

Fear Unlimited 2 OST.

2007-12-28 19:06:54 by NemesisTheory

As promised, the FU2i1 OST has been assembled by my good friend Wortex17 and made available for download via torrent, megaupload, rapidshare etc for all the people with an interest for it.

Go here for the link.

Check it out, tell me what you think, and enjoy.
There's 12 tracks in there, 9 from the game, 3 for bonus.

Aaaaand, crossing the finish line!

2007-11-21 09:45:45 by NemesisTheory

Yep! People with sharp eyes have no doubt already seen that Fear Unlimited 2 has been released yesterday (timezone stuffs for me), and has won Daily Feature for 11/21/2007, which brings a smile to this face.

I would suggest anyone that actually visits this page to go play it and tell us what you think. The more response we get, the better the next game will become. I really think it's a step up from most other flash games in terms of content and gameplay, but you'll have to judge that for yourselves. Go out there, play it and enjoy it!

It's time for a well earned rest now, for whenever we might start working on Issue 2 if this one does well enough.

Aaaaand, crossing the finish line!

Oh my, Fear Unlimited 2...

2007-10-26 05:39:04 by NemesisTheory

Oh, Harro!

It's been busy the last few weeks, I'll give you that. I've been making tracks like crazy for Fear Unlimited 2, some of you might be familiar with the original, if you're not, go play it! It's a really fun tribute to Devil May Cry.

I gotta say I've been impressed with the way the new game is shaping out to be, especially the art direction. Dizzy has really improved overall on his artwork skills, and it really shows. The game still plays like you'd expect, just more stuff to it, personal favorite is ripping someone apart. The people who loved this game are going to love the sequel, no doubt about that.

It's going to be released in several "issues" though, the game is too big (story wise and stuff) to release in 1 go, so there'll be more parts to it, which in turn makes for more gameplay. I suppose fans can't complain about this.

I really wouldn't know anything else to say about it. Aside from that it's going to be released soon. Dizzy hopes for a 31st of October release, but I doubt we'll make it. There's still a lot of touchups to be done, and I wouldn't want him to release a buggy version. So, stay tuned for that.

Oh, and as far as my involvement goes...
Here's a little something.

Oh my, Final Fantasy...

2007-09-20 13:04:39 by NemesisTheory

Oh, Harro! Going to try this thing out.

So, what do I have to say. Lately I've been returning to my decadent dormant Final Fantasy VII fanboy state. With my shiny PS3 in hand(s), I can finally play PS1 games again because my PS2 for some odd reason couldn't handle them anymore. Either they ran all sloppy or wouldn't start at all period.

So, booting that 'ol badboy up again after like, 7 years, I can still remember this 12-13 year old kid being blown away by this game every second of the way. I guess it's a good time to like FF VII again since SquareEnix are doing their little milkey-business again, and are going to do it for ten years as they've stated. I wouldn't mind it if they, now, kept up the quality they've seemed to reach with Crisis Core. That game is really good! I just really hope they can keep that quality up and not go back to the Dirge of Cerberus type of stuff. That wasn't very impressive. Anyway, this time around, I'm gonna take my time getting all the ultimate weapons and try to beat the weapons. I never got around to doing that. Definitely looking forward to that.

All this Final Fantasy VII stuff has given me some inspiration to work with also, as I've just (yesterday) finished my version of the Fighting theme, which I hope you'll all enjoy. I didn't try to deviate from the formula as much as would've liked, because in the end, I didn't really want to ruin the mood the original created.

I'm contemplating on how I should approach the Shinra Company theme, which is what I'm toying around with right now. The original, I felt, really is epic and I think anything I'd change from that formula would drastically remove it's raw epicness, if that makes sense. So I might just make a type of 'tribute' and just put it in brand new coating, in my own style, but not as fast as Fight 2007. Still some thinking to be done about that, anyway, before I put it down and get to work. Comments on this subject are really welcome (!).

As for anything else, I'm glued to my screen about this rumerous Endless Crisis: Final Fantasy VII for the PS3. Something tells me it's not the remake most of us have been waiting for, it seems too early for that, but I definitely wouldn't mind it. And what with the (big) rumor that Sony is funding the entire project, it has to be something good; remake or not. What did famitsu say again, "The game that will save the PS3?" stop with the hinting, already. :)

Oh, and definitely check out the TGS '07 trailer of Metal Gear Solid 4.
That game just gets sicker by the minute.