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This is really awesome!!

You really amazed me by how many original things you made the characters do while still maintaining their feel from the games itself! I was pretty wowed when scorpion "dual wielded" his throwing thingies while they were on fire!

I was also surprised when superman showed up haha, you did him justice as well by making him super strong. :D

I dunno what else I can say, you really did a great job! :)


- NT.


Your sprite movies leave me speechless.
Amazing choice of music (E.S Posthumus really rocks), and the fluidity of combat between two totally different game sprite characters is something you should really be proud of.

The only question I have is why this flash isn't rated higher; It's severely underrated, in my opinion.

Great work man, don't stop making these!

Oh my god! He killed Sven!

You are forgiven for the fact that you have lost your mind!
Pretty funny stuff man :P.


ChrisNosal responds:

Thanks, and I later found my mind in the couch. So, it's all good.

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I LOVE THIS. THANK YOU. That's all I have to say. Take my money! No? Then take my 5 rating and 5 star review!

And just so this isn't completely random, I love the various style, the music, the batshit amount of insanity, the simplicity (controls), the ending, and pretty much the everything. Well, except the Mega Man part. Something about the physics seemed a little off. BUT THAT'S JUST ONE THING. Contra section more than made up for it!


Not bad at all!

You've definitely got something going here! I guess some of it's simplicity detract the longevity of it a little, but I noticed in some of your response you're aware of this and will add (more) stuff in later versions. :D

Anyway, it's definitely something fresh to begin with. If you can build more gameplay upon it I'm sure you'll have something good on your handsin no-time. :D


- NT.

MaxManning responds:

Thanks for the Music !! Yeah, I am definitely going to be adding some more to the game. Disco Fish 2 will have a bit more depth.

Absolute Pong.

This is what pong should've been like in the first place. ;D Anyway, I love the speed you brought into it, things can get hectic pretty quick. Good job mate, you've taken something "simple" and like others have also made pong very stylish in your own way.

Again, good job! :)

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NAC Judge

Wow, you definitely have the heavenly part down!

I still feel the intro took a little bit too long (maybe by about 30 seconds), but once it got going it appeared to song pretty great. But you can already hear the problem with the mastering/EQing. Instruments get clouded so bad with others, the drums are meshed together with everything else, you can hardly hear seperation from the bass (as it gets meshed with the side-chain type instrument).

And the crashes sound really weird. Once the snares kick in, you can barely hear the hats, etc etc. I think you know what I mean. I think if you really took care of your song and spent time on the EQing, balancing the sounds and giving everything it's own place, you would have placed top 3 easily.

Aside from the negative things, this song has a lot of heart! Filled with tons of variation and additions throughout, I really love that about this song. Also the parts where things are minimal (04:35) you can tell how awesome this song could have been if every facet of the song were crafted carefully with the proper EQ and balance. :)

I'll say it again, you really captured the heart of the contest (the heavenly part, at least). Really good job. :)


NAC Judge

An actual guitar! +points for that already! You're really good with it. <3

Great drum sequencing too, I can already feel the love within the first 15 seconds after they kicked in. I think this is a song you really have to get lost into, because it does repeat itself a lot, or if not that, stays within it's comfort zone too much. At least until the 2 minute mark. :)

The guitar 'solo' part is pretty cool, but could have benefited by a bigger buildup to something, well, for the lack of a better word; bigger! :D I'm fairly certain you weren't going for that though. It goes back into familiar territory again and into a breakdown. This is still a really great song to get lost in and just relax! Which, I'm guessing was your point, and as they say I think, you definitely hit home with it!


NAC Judge

An amazing piano perfectly aligned with your song's direction! I was in love with your song from the very beginning. <3 The water dropping matches really well. The sidechained background pad works really well with your style as well.

I think the lead instrument is a little too loud and could've been toned down a bit to fit in with the rest of your arrangement. I appreciate the changeup near the end of the song, it's just too bad it just ends right there as well. xD

Regardless, this song is very re-playable, matches the contest perfectly, has a great smoothness to it and moves you throughout.


Decibel responds:

Holy my God NemesisTheory!

I'm also glad you like it, feel free to fave me and such :P

Yep, still an audiophile.



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