Mass Effect

2012-07-30 14:44:35 by NemesisTheory

Finally finished Mass Effect 3.

Feels like I'm saying goodbye to a friend I was very close with for the past 5 years.

ME3 had it's (animation, plot) problems, but nearing the end of the game with all the epic stuff going on around you really made me think back to where it all began and taking all those things with me to that final moment. It's a shame most of the effects you've made on the universe didn't really matter all that much at the very end, but you still made them and the game still remembered all of it and made you aware of it, via emails, conversations or at the very least in the war assets.

Due to all the games being connected the way they are, it's strange feeling, the 'connection' I have to all the characters I met in the game, those that died or are still alive. I've never actually considered video game characters (my) friends, but they sure did feel like friends in these games, due to built and shared experiences throughout the games that you made of your own accord. It's weird sharing nostalgia with a video game character about things you helped shape in previous entries. The series never held your hand, wasn't linear, whatever happened; happened. You can talk to someone else who played it and s/he'll have a totally different story to tell, who's alive, who isn't, who said or did what.

I'm pretty sure there won't be a Mass Effect 4 to build on this particular story arc, but I'll definitely remember these three games as an experience I wouldn't have missed for the world.

Mass Effect


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2012-07-30 14:48:18

The word of champions for a champion game

NemesisTheory responds:


I hope they will make more Mass Effect games. But it's sad it won't ever be the same again. I'll actually miss these characters. ;-(


2012-07-30 19:48:49

I don't think that making more would be a smart idea, since they wouldn't probably contribute to anything meaningful. By the way, here's a really cool game I found that you would like: rd.htm


2012-07-31 06:01:59

It's a shame that the game had those plot holes and other problems, for which the game will be remembered by most. I also felt really near to the characters, but well, that's what BioWare wanted to do.


2012-08-01 03:40:43

the entire time i was reading this i thought yeah my thoughts on saying goodbye to games or simply the characters are the same you cant help feel sad that you say goodbye to that certain game or character knowing this is the end for them this is the year of revamps so many games are changing completely another thing we will say goodbye to some examples are assassins creed and metal gear solid anyway i understand your thoughts completely and sympathize the end of ME3 made me pissed happy sad nostalgic all of that


2012-08-01 05:52:56

Hoi nemesis
Ik heb nooit ME gespeeld helaas in verband met de extreme gedachten tegen dat soort games in mijn familie, ik krijg daar echt dik gezeik mee dan, en ik heb geen consoles vanwege geld problemen en crisis enzo, maar de game lijkt me echt mooi! Dat ''friends'' gevoel van VG karakters had ik bij Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, de DS KH met Axel en Roxas en Xion enzo. Verder heb ik het ook nooit gehad.
.....PLEASE! Maak een Mass Effect remix! Ik wil dat echt een keer horen! Zo eentje als Heavenly Horrors bedoel ik maar dan met Mass Effect! Mijn oren zouden echt ontploffen van awesomeness!
Maar Mass Effect gaat toch over tijdreizen en chaos theory enzo toch?


2012-08-01 15:04:27

Hahaha, wow you got reeeaaaally emotional about this :3 Always good to see people enjoy their games :D Glad plot/animation problems didn't get in your way ^^ Have a nice day =D


2012-08-09 09:45:00

I'll admit I got attached to some characters, too. One of them made a particularly good friend to turn to, and it was rough to see him give up his life. Even tougher was pretty much saying goodbye to the lover Shepherd chose in my play-through. The ending felt impersonal, and all the actions throughout the series felt meaningless suddenly. But the journey mattered more than the end. I would do it all again, and enjoy being involved in the story once more.

Great to know that some one else appreciates the Mass Effect series, despite its shortcomings. We can only hope to see more game trilogies that immerse us as much or even more than this one.


2012-08-15 12:54:30

So long Garrus... Tali, we had some good times ya...


2012-08-29 06:47:09

Glad you've enjoyed it. I hopped out of the Mass Effect wagon before part 3.

Bioware showed their "support" and "concern" for Polish players like me when they declined to release Lair of Shadow Broker and Arrival for Polish, Hungarian and Czech(?) versions. They lost me by then. How can you make a language version incompatible with main game, it is beyond me. I think they just lied, because it didn't calculate for them to make a translation.

I will never buy ME3, and no Bioware game for that matter. After they conned me for Dragon Age 2, which was a complete underdeveloped, rushed garbage, it's no loss for me, a gain rather :)


2012-11-07 10:44:58

I totally agree, well said. My favorite series of all time.


2012-11-28 15:56:30

Great game, great series, but four / five / six need to have Shepard back otherwise the franchise and the creators are doomed in my opinion. Like most things this generation - the finale to Mass Effect 3 had very little if no heart in it. It felt like someone threw it together out of a "youtube poop" and thought it would work. Though I will say, I love the series - I just wish I could get over the ending of ME3 so I could play 1 and 2 all over again.


2012-12-16 08:23:19

Completely off topic here honestly, I thought you were a guy (I assume most people from their pics). Just a little confession.


2012-12-16 22:15:12

This has nothing to do with Mass Effect, but it needs to be said anyway.

Its been a while since I've been to Newgrounds, and I thought that I would check out my old favorites. You were on there.

I first came to Newgrounds when I was in 5th grade, and you were and are still an amazing composer that I am happy to have as part of my childhood. Thank you and your amazing work.

Also I've never played MA3 so FILLA

NemesisTheory responds:

Thank you for being along on this ride! :)
I appreciate the support you've given throughout the years! <3


2013-03-09 00:16:14

Hey, dude, if you're on, check out my Gram songs. Just like how you drew inspiration for "My Destination" from "His World" in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, I drew inspiration for my Gram songs from "Primarch's Honour" in Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II.


2013-05-01 21:41:11

Whoa... So kickass... I LOVE IT!!!!:omfg:


2013-05-01 21:41:17

Whoa... So kickass... I LOVE IT!!!!:omfg:


2013-05-01 21:41:31

Whoa... So kickass... I LOVE IT!!!!:omfg:


2014-05-15 18:45:31

Holy crap.. Some-one who actually had a fairer opinion of the game that didn't involve whining about the crappy ending or adhering to the bullshit indoctrination theory crap.

You have gained this mans respect for what little it's worth lol

(and man am I late seeing this entry..)


2014-06-16 13:14:20

It aint the endings that got me pissed off, it was the fact that there were only THREE of them made. You would think that such a long running story would have way more possible conclusions than just 3 spits from BioWare. I was so disappointed by the lack of effort put by the developers (and I should blame EA for rushing them, but they are both at fault), that I don't think that I will ever have the same praise for the studio as I had when they released DA:O and ME1...after that it was all half-assed work from their camps, started with DA2 continued on to SWTOR and finished me off with ME3.

Seems like that the last bastion of uncompromising, impeccable standards for game quality is Valve. They don't give a shit, if they can't make a game that will completely remove your eyeballs from your skull with awesomeness, they won't make it at all.

Anyway, there will be another ME but it won't involve Shepard, and IDK about you, but I don't give a shit about BioWare stuff anymore.