Rest in peace, Mega Man Volnutt.

2011-07-20 06:52:59 by NemesisTheory

And now Mega Man Legends 3 is gone.

Capcom's really starting to get to me. And I honestly think I'm done with them, too. The way they dangled this stick in front of the fans (myself included) who've been wanting this game for over TEN YEARS and then take it away overnight is just ridiculous, without any reason and being horribly vague about it. What makes it worse, they promised that the Prototype Version would be the definitive thing to see if it was "profitable" enough to green lit the project. I feel really bad about all the people who contributed so much in the Devroom project, all their efforts have been in vain.

I guess these guys would just rather go on with their Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter milking, that Devil May Cry abomination (which nobody likes and they still support, unlike MML3) and western-developed shooters like Operation Raccoon City.

I've never been more disappointed with Capcom - and that's coming from a huge Devil May Cry fan.

I'm happy to see that Capcom is really under fire @ their Unity page, though. I know it won't matter at all and that they probably don't care (as they showed with DmC) but at least it's better than taking it lying down.

Are there any Mega Man (legends) fans out here who feel the same way?

Rest in peace, Mega Man Volnutt.


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2011-07-20 07:34:48

Capcom disolved Clover Studios.

-God Hand
-Viewtiful Joe

But kept Okami.

I don't really like Capcom anymore.

NemesisTheory responds:

The things they've done definitely exceed that, but I do miss both God Hand and Viewtiful Joe.. such great games.

Let's not forget these though, who have been slandered, forgotten or ruined in their new management process:

ACE ATTORNEY (jpn only from now on)


2011-07-20 08:56:35

Yeah, this sucks. I discovered about the game a few months ago when they held that contest for fan made bosses and I was pretty excited to see a 3rd game in the series. I have quite a bit of nostalgia for them, even with their pretty big faults and I was definitely glad when they were put out on PSP though I've heard the people stateside didn't even get that.

Didn't they also cancel the other Megaman/Rockman project they had going, I can't remember its subtitle but in the trailer they were showing all these different sprites/character designs and suggesting it'd sort of be a tribute from all the different generations of the series.

(Updated ) NemesisTheory responds:

I've got a lot of nostalgia for these games too, they struck a spot where it was an awesome mix between adventure and megaman. I really liked those games despite the flaws they had. And yes, we didn't get the Legends PSP version at all lol. :(

You're talking about Megaman Universe :( they cancelled that too, and it looked like a lot of fun to play/mess around with too, since from what they said it was basically Mega Man 2 (my favorite) packed with all sorts new things you could create.

I'm not even sure capcom likes Megaman anymore. They say they do, but I doubt it...

By the way, I hear over in Japan people are even angrier/frustrated/disappointed than in Europe and the US. Is that true?


2011-07-20 09:31:58

Capcom is starting to go straight down like a plane without fuel, that DMC Dante is like the worst Dante I've ever seen.
Man, now we'll have to originate and ressurect Capcom ourselves now even. Nowadays, manga suck too. All they talk about is like freaking old boring stupid adventures of a stupid guy with yellow hair on his way to a become a leader, or a ornaged haired freak on his bizarres and irrevelant adventures of hunting these monsters called hollows? Man, we'll need to ressurect the manga realm.
Oh, also, check out the private message I sent you, it took me like fifthteen minutes to write(I knew cause I was listening to Shades of Green and it repeated three times :) )hopefully you give me a feed back.
You can totally ignore my bullshit advice and just work on your own, however, don't give up! I bet the fans is gonna make a better doujinshi of DMC or Megaman or whatever games and resurrect Capcom.
Profit is not freaking important! You take what you need and give away all, and there's something called content. I write stories not for earnings, but for advocating morals!
P.S: This took me like ten minutes cause I was listening to My Destination :) It rocks.
P.P.S.: Carry on, we need your beautiful music to help us out in this harsh situation.

NemesisTheory responds:

Yeah it really seems like it... I will never understand how they could support a game like that with so many people against it, while they stop working on something so many people wanted. It doesn't make a lot of sense at all...

I don't read much manga so I can't really talk about that lol, although I do watch a lot of Gundam anime at the moment ^^

I'll get on checking out your messages right now! I have like 12 new ones since the last time I logged in lol. :D


2011-07-20 11:40:28

I can't tell you 100% whether or not people are more upset here; TBH I don't really pay attention to gaming press, and the village we live in isn't a place you hear people talking about games much anymore. However I do know that there was a bigger hype for Rockman Dash 3 here, especially when that "Design-a-boss" contest came out.

I wonder how Infafune feels about this; I know he loved making the Dash/Legends series and you can see some of their influence on Dead Rising (Heh, it's weird comparing Dead Rising to a Megaman game) and he really tried to establish Dash as a series, that's why they were re-released on PSP and we got spinoffs like Tron ni Kobun (I don't know it's English name.).

NemesisTheory responds:

okay no worries :D i was always told DASH was most popular in japan, so i figured there had to be some truth to it. it was also the #1 trend topic in twitter of jpn yesterday :O

and from the recent interview/blog thingy i read, keiji is pretty sad about it too. :(


2011-07-20 12:44:06

MML3 was just about the only reason I had to buy a 3DS. Now it's canned, so forget that. Thanks Capcom for saving me 300 bucks.

And go screw yourselves.

NemesisTheory responds:

i've heard a lot of people say that they bought a 3DS just for mml3.

i am one of those people too actually, although I really want to play the new mario too!


2011-07-20 15:33:26

NO! DARN YOU CAPCOM It Would Have Been A Great Game Man

NemesisTheory responds:

i think so too :(


2011-07-20 15:37:50

When Megaman Universe was canceled, I said to myself Okay, they're acting like idiots, but I still have hope for them. When Megaman wasn't in Mvc 3 I thought "Now they are acting like morons", but I still had hope for them. Now that Megaman Legends 3 is no more....THAT'S IT! THAT'S ALL I CAN TAKE! From Capcom milking street fighter 4 a total of five times (if you count the iphone version) to them making DLC that should have been in Street fighter in the first place, to them putting a bunch of RE mini games together and trying to sell it on the 3DS as an actual game, Capcom has officialy lost one of their biggest fans! The only way I'll forgive them is if I can somehow get an NVC (Nintendo vs. Capcom) but that probably won't happen. It's like Capcom is saying "We're not giving you the game you've begged us for for so long, but look! WE'RE GONNA GIVE YOU ANOTHER VERSION OF A FIGHTING GAME THAT A LOT OF YOU CONSIDER TO BE MEDIOCRE! YAAAAYYY!!!! Good bye Capcom.

NemesisTheory responds:

yes capcom has being doing a lot of stepping on fans toes lately... know that youre not the only one who feels the way you do! you should have seen the capcom stream yesterday night lol


2011-07-20 19:16:27

First Universe, and now Megaman Legends 3?

Capcom must REALLY hate the fans if they're doing this.


NemesisTheory responds:

it's been so long since we've seen any sequel to MM Zero, or even ZX. it's like they've dropped all the franchises... i really hope they're not working on a gritty fps version of megaman, to appeal to the west more or something. :/


2011-07-20 19:52:31

being a huge DMC fan, I still can't get over what they did with the new one
it was the first time I didn't look forward to playing a DMC game

NemesisTheory responds:

you and me both :( that new trailer looked worse than i imagined


2011-07-20 20:34:49

Honestly, fuck you. I loved megaman legends when it first came out and I still do today, the game had a charm to it, consitant great story, easy to pick up and fun game play and controls, and just awesome characters and dialog. I also loved the enemy design for the reaverbots, part of the reason I played through that game so many times.

I finaly got a working copy of megaman legends 2 earlyer this year and played through the game in about 2 days. I honestly haven't been as disappointed in a sequel since nuts and bolt. The "story" had about as many holes as swiss cheese on a bagle(a fitting quote), the game play unlike the first was repetitive as fuck and rather then relying on skill shots and tactics in combat, they just had lock-on circle strafing for every enemy with ridiculous sheilds. Probably the worst most forced part about the game was the awkward as fuck love triangle they had going that actually had me hating the characters, also megaman sounded and acted like a girl. The only thing in the game that made me smile was when I found out I could upgrade megamans buster past yellow energy and some of the music was actually really cool. (I even played through the game 100%, got the S class license and beat the 100 question quiz, the stupid hard stuff)

I had heard about the announcement of Megaman legends 3 and it was what made me go and pick up 2, and after that abomination and the lame as dick cliffhanger they left it on, the thought sequel actually made me disgruntling upset. Thank you for bringing it to my attention that they will spare the series some digity at least for a while. I can't believe anyones whos played through mml2 would have been looking forward to that... fuck I'm happy

NemesisTheory responds:

too bad you didn't like legends 2! no need to resort to insults though. :p you're not under 16 anymore, so... unless that wasn't directed at me.

anyway, legends 3 could have just as easily fixed what you thought was wrong about 2 and gave you a new experience like when you played the first one. we could've been the ones to decide that ourselves with the prototype version.


2011-07-20 22:33:32

Hey NT, it's good to hear from you again, a pity it is on such a sad note....

As for megaman, i played the first legends, enjoyed it very much, played it a couple times over the years, just for the fun of it, the second, not so much, but i wanted a third just to know where it went, to at least have that sense of "mission accomplished." Guess that ain't happening anytime soon....

And, Capcom, hell, i don't know WHO they're trying to please, if it isn't the fans, and not even the games very creators sometimes. Honestly, i keep waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel , hopefully, it will come, sooner or later. (preferably sooner.)

NemesisTheory responds:

i dont know, twitter feed from capcom implies that we are, and I quote "doing a pretty good job at the moment" of letting them know we want the game.

anyway yes, capcom really seems to be into it for the money right now. i can't even believe they won't localize ace attorney investigations 2, and Layton vs Gyakuten seems even more unlikely.


2011-07-20 22:49:54

Sorry for ya, NT :/ Heard a lot of other people get upset with the gamecompanies as they've changed or simply ruined everything being a fan meant. Seems like the older game industries are facing a season of letdowns for now. Let's hope they realize that some things should not change and go back to normal on a couple of things. *pat shoulder*

NemesisTheory responds:

i hope so too!

there are so many people trying to get capcom to change their mind, at the very least, it's great to see mega man still has such an active following.


2011-07-20 23:08:28

With Inafune leaving and two MM games recently being cancelled, it's almost as if Capcom is trying to stop the franchise altogether

NemesisTheory responds:

yes, many people so far think the same thing.. that capcom is actively killing off inafune's mega man. :/


2011-07-20 23:09:35

also another viewtiful joe would be awesome. just one more

NemesisTheory responds:

yes! and since they're outsourcing so many of their franchises lately, pass it on to Platinum games and let Hideki Kamiya (creator) make the next one. :D


2011-07-21 00:54:49

It sucks. I mean, I don't have the system required to play MML3, but it would have still been awesome to see. I still play the first two. Hell, I almost have half the first game's script down. But something told me that it was going to happen. They put most of their money into this new shit they're putting out. (OK, so Asura's Wrath is looking pretty badass. But I'd still like to see Volnutt in action, Capcom.) I just didn't feel like they wanted to really do anything with MML. And then, allowing the fans to "make the game" set me off a bit, too. It almost seemed to me like Capcom was putting the creation of the game into the hands of the fans, and they would have nothing to do with it. Then again, I didn't look too much into the ACTUAL part of that project.

Meh. I'm ranting. Capcom's been on my shit-but-not-soggy-shit-list for a while. Now they're on my shitlist. For more reasons than this, of course. But this is kind of a big one.

NemesisTheory responds:

i think devroom was more or less inafune's idea, but i'm not sure about that, to bring everyone closer together because he knew Legends was a favorite for many and awaited by many for a long time. but again, not so sure about that.

it was kind of cool to see the developers interacting with their fans at such a regular basis though. but i bet they wont do that again now. :/

but yeah, they are on my 'list' now too.. :(


2011-07-21 02:16:07

Resident evil 5 was a disappointment, and DmC at this point is a practical joke. Not to mention, with all this said, they continue to make 3DS titles, and other things that will give them money right away. They favor the money over the fans.

NemesisTheory responds:

re5 is still a good game but definitely a very bad resident evil game... it halfway turned into gears of war in the third act, zombies with guns and cover systems.. :O i was very put off when i got to that part for the first time.

and yes, capcom likes the money indeed... they have no intent of hiding that ambition too, i remember that dmc press release, aiming for over 5 million sold etc etc. well, good luck with that capcom. xD


2011-07-21 20:19:28

That just about sums it up for me. I'm done with Capcom unless they bring back this series and rectify that DmC abomination. CapcomEuro's Twitter responses to this situation have been rather "unflattering," to put it lightly.

NemesisTheory responds:

Yeah, CapEuro's twitter feed was really... strange.

All the half-baked excuses that came afterward with how we interpreted it wrong doesn't make sense either. You can't misinterpret "it's a shame the fans weren't more involved" and then turn around saying they were actually blaming themselves/capcom.


2011-07-22 14:42:06 ftK9w skip to 1:09, shame Mega man isn't in there neither :s still can't help but find that part hilarious, though

NemesisTheory responds:

that was really funny xD
and oddly accurate lol


2011-07-23 20:50:32

I remember Mega man Legends. It was a fun game. A real pull away from the 2d mega man shooters were. It placed some interesting rpgish elements and kept platforming at least slightly interesting.

I wonder how much support exactly Capcom wanted to see from its fans? So far mega man games have been nothing more than simple side projects they work through over the weekend and put on x box live or the playstation network. How disheartening. Will we ever see the blue bomber in action in a new game anytime soon? I hope so.

NemesisTheory responds:

Now apparently they're saying they wanted to see more activity in the Devroom and looked at that as a sales representation. Doesn't make much sense either, but at least it's something you can remotely understand. People all over are creating accounts for that now, so we'll see what happens.

I agree about MM games having been side projectey for a while now. While I loved Mega Man 9 and 10, I would've loved to see a new X game for example.

The fans are really fighting for legends 3 though, I really hope they can revive it.


2011-07-26 02:33:36

Seriously what is Capcom thinking cancelling this game? I had just read about this game a couple months back and it looked so promising. It was one of the ones I was definitely looking forward to for the 3ds besides the Mario one. They nearly redeemed themselves in my eyes after the DMC crap but this is the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot here.

NemesisTheory responds:

capcom is probably being run by game cancelling monkeys.

and I still don't understand why they haven't cancelled DmC yet. apparently it meets their high criteria lol.


2011-07-27 20:52:14

I have grown tired of them putting off Megaman for so long. It's absolutely ridiculous. Capcom needs to get its shit together and get some Megaman games out there.

NemesisTheory responds:

Yeah seriously, it's been too long since I've played a new MM game. Starforce wasn't really all that compared to battle network...


2011-08-02 21:15:57

I've never been a big fan for Capcom. However, I did get into the Megaman Legends series, and when I heard about MML3 coming, I couldn't help but feel sheer joy. Enough that I would have actually bought a 3DS for. (Which I haven't, thank God. >_>) But now, after this outrage, I'm simply just not going to partake in anything involving Capcom now. It's sad, that businesses have resorted to these methods. Not only do I feel bad for all the fans of Megaman Legends, but I feel bad for those in the development team who wanted to see this through. It's a shame, really.

NemesisTheory responds:

Yeah, the development time I feel really sorry for too. Especially when, i believe, the planning director said on twitter that he supported the fan movement but couldn't really say anything otherwise due to conflict of interest. you could tell those guys were fans of the series. :/

capcom is really doing some shady stuff. Although, SF3rd Strike online is a great gift for the people who wanted that, and I'm sure there's many of them.


2011-08-03 00:04:51

I share your pain with this news. I love the Mega Man franchise and am sad to see it in this state.

NemesisTheory responds:

hopefully they will turn it around soon... and I sincerely hope they won't "reinvent" megaman into a super realized FPS or something to appeal to other audiences.


2011-08-04 06:26:22

I personally have been appalled at Capcom's actions as well. Throwing its fans under the bus. And in a recent interview, when Gamespot's correspondent asked why the blatant ignorance of fan pics he totally throws Marvel under the bus saying, "Who knows why Marvel likes the characters they like." OUTRAGEOUS. But sadly that is what marketing and trade-showing has become today. Everyone will keep buying UMvC3 and while I respect those that like it, I feel they forget that there are other, perhaps larger fan bases being destroyed.

NemesisTheory responds:

Yeah Capcom's PR is really doing questionable things as of late, saying things that are easily, as they would call it, 'misinterpreted' and causing a backlash.

I won't be buying UMvC3 though. maybe used, cuz then they wont get any money from it lol. but yeah i agree, it's great for the people who eat this stuff up, there's a reason there's ANOTHER Street Fighter IV release coming next year, but everyone else (darkstalker fans, phoenix wright fans, mega man fans, monster hunter fans) are all given the finger.


2011-08-05 14:34:09

Now NT, I respect you as a person and I respect your music and also some of your opinions, but I will disagree with you on one point.

First of all, I don't have an opinion on MML, seeing as I've never played any of the games.

But you keep referring to "that DmC abomination" or words to that effect, and you're giving it very little to no credit at all.

First of all, the gameplay trailer from E3 looked bitching. I want to play this game now, regardless of CullenDante.

Second of all, capcom has indeed stated that they knew from the very beginning that people would hate the look of CullenDante, and said that they're doing that because it's an Origin Story. If you watch the gameplay trailer, you see that Dante's hair goes white when he goes into what seems to be Devil Trigger.


NemesisTheory responds:

Well, it's not necessarily Dante I'm worried about.

1: It's running on Unreal Engine, which means it's 30fps, while the other DMC games ran on 60fps because it's a very fast paced action game.

2: The developers have little to no experience building [rich] combat systems. While I liked Heavenly Sword and Enslaved, they can't hold a candle to the kind of crazy stuff you can do in Devil May Cry. Look at any 'combomad' video on Youtube and you'll get the idea. This sort of thing is really hard to perform on 30fps.

3: The general design of the enemies and locations don't match the Devil May Cry theme at all, but that's just my opinion.

4: The gameplay looked really weird and janky in the E3 trailer. You could tell it tried to be Devil May Cry, but you and I both know it won't be a devil may cry game.

The reason I don't like it, is because it's not a devil may cry game. It's a game that tries to appeal to other audiences to create bigger sales. Capcom's actions towards fans (or rather Tameem) saying "I don't care" about fans' opinions about the game didn't help either.

Now, I don't mind that other people like it, I'm all for it, but I can't stand the look or sound of it at all. DMC didn't need a reboot this bad. Capcom also doesn't know what the game is supposed to be anyway, at the beginning they said it had nothing to do with the original series, that it was a side-thing. Then it was an origin story, and then back to the original statement.

Dante's hair going white in the trailer doesn't fix any problems, and I find it insulting that Ninja Theory would think so. xD

But again, no worries, I respect the fact you like how it's turning out. <3


2011-08-06 13:40:04

this is just sad. i loved the first megaman legends and have been searching for more of them. they never even bothered to advertise the third game where i am at so they either dont care or just focus on making cheap and pathetic games to make a quick buck. i always loved megaman and have been trying to collect every single last game i could get that i had enough money to buy. if they actually took a poll and asked everyone how they felt about how capcom was doing everyone no doubt would say how terrible they are doing. if they actually took their time and focused on making the games better and actually used how the old ones were made as an example they may have done better than they are now. especially how everything is getting expensive for pretty much nothing decently made anymore. hope you enjoyed what i wrote here today cause i just wanted to speak my mind on this situation.


2011-08-09 19:52:17

Hello NT. First I want to say that i'm a fan of your work, (The Rose series being my favorite songs at the moment) and I appriciate you taking the time to interact with us as well as making all these awesome songs.

Now onto Capcom, I cannot speak on DMC (never played the series) but I am a diehard Megaman fan. I always say that although Mario start my gaming hobby, it was Megaman (Megaman II) that stole my heart. I cannot for the life of me understand why they've taken this stance of putting all their support behind a select few games while leaving their fanbase dejected. I visted the Dev Room every time a new poll came up and was excited for the release of the prototype...

Darkstalkers is another of my favorite franchises and although that's been in the bog for years, I have held hope that it along with Legends and several other titles would come along eventually. I find myself losing both that hope as well as my love for a company that I have loved since my childhood. All I can do now is voice my displeasure along with my fellow gamers and hope that someone takes the time to listen.

Thanks and sorry for rambling on. :)


2011-08-10 01:59:39

ZX, Universe, Legends, and I'm speculating even that Korean MMO, too. Capcom is merely showing us all how much of a corporate enterprise Video Game Development has become, and how little the customers matter to the big wigs that rake in all of our revenue. They're afraid to innovate, they're afraid to change, and they're afraid to take risks in a risk-based field. It's deplorable.

I for one, am not going to take this laying down at all. Even as I speak, I'm furiously at work on a Mega Man Homage flash piece. Really, I think more people should retaliate by generating fan works. Work against Capcom by drawing their fanbase away by generating content utilizing these forgotten and lovelorn characters. I guarantee you it would drive them absolutely bonkers. C'mon everyone, let's get a Strider fangame!

My mini for-the-people rant aside, let's just say they punched a hole through my heart and took a piece of my childhood with them.


2011-08-10 20:54:33

I share the sentiment of all Megamen (and women) in that pic. fuck you capcom.

and besides, megaman fans already made a fucking AWESOME megaman FPS 8-bit style. go search megaman 8-bit deathmatch on youtube!!


2011-08-12 01:32:45

This is the reason why i hate game develepors some times. They totally ignore everything that the fans want and just go on with it.

Same deal with SEGA. I used to be a huge sonic fan until 06. I can no longer trust them anymore. I wish they would make something dark like battle 2 but no. Same thing everytime and a werehog? They have to be that generic?

I feel your pain girl, i feel your pain.


2011-08-15 22:01:42

Yeah, Capcom really screwed the pooch this time. I really honestly feel like they really only care about their fucking fighting games. What about Megaman?! I wouldn't be surprised if, like Legends 3, they just completely fucking blow off Megaman ZX3. Along with Legends, I've been pumped for that. My final, unintelligent thoughts on this for now:
Fuck you Capcom, fuck you.


2011-08-16 15:35:46

I have to admit, I never thought there were that many MML fans out there, I loved the games, but it seemed nobody but me had ever heard of them until this game was announced, I am very mad at capcom for this, I could deal with emo dante, I believe in playing the game first before saying it sucks, but as for MML 3?! I WILL NEVER GET TO FUCKING PLAY IT!!!!!


2011-08-18 17:18:58

im right there with you, im startin to get really fed up with capcom. I got marvel vs capcom 3 myself and now this ultimate version, and mega man legends is gone I just dont have faith in em much anymore.


2011-08-18 22:30:21

You don't know how mad I was. To cancel a game that nobody was expecting is one thing, but to cancel a game that people were begging to be made is something that is unforgivable! Hopefully, Capcom does in fact change their mind. By the way, did you know about the legends facebook group that was made in attempt to get legends 3 back in development? on
While that would help show Capcom how badly we want it, the thing that people should be doing is becoming a servbot in the MML3 devroom.
While there is a chance that this won't work, I'm at big hopes that it does.
Are you with us?
Will you help us?
Come and join us!
Come help save the Mega bus!

Are you with us?
Come support us!
Please apply! Prove that Legends Never Die! (wow. could wright a song from those last line that I typed.)


2011-08-21 05:00:25

I concur... Capcom is selling out hard. I've loved DMC ever since it first came out, being the first PS2 game I ever played, it left its mark. Now... we get CullenDante... Nice capcom... Does he sparkle too? Does he whine continously? I wanna see Operation Racoon with all my heart, but for the first time... Im seriously worried they may screw it up. And the fact that they just plain stoped on MML3 was a heart breaker... I STILL have both MML 1 & 2 for the PS1, and love them to death. I can't give up on Capcom since I'm such a big Resident Evil fan... but number 5 wasn't a zombie game, and it wasn't even scary... hell, most of the game took place in the DAY TIME... I dunno who's idea that was, but obviously, bad ideas are getting through the cracks of the drawing board and sticking... Maybe its time to pass on our favorite games, like MML, DMC, Resident Evil, Onimusha, Dino Crisis (the third one about made me go postal...) and ect to a company that wants to make good games, and not just a lot of money.


2011-08-22 09:09:28

Capcom has failed me, they are only keeping Street Fighter alive now. How long before Devil May Cry kicks the bucket as well


2011-08-22 16:36:06

I hate how Capcom just gives effort on their Capcom VS series,yet they cancel the other games they make,and i was really pissed off when they cancelled megaman's like all they pay attention to is just making 2d fighting games now.back in the years,Capcom would be shitting a lot of games out of their they just suddenly have no effort in games now.all they care about is just their Capcom VS series...


2011-08-30 12:42:07

I'm a Megaman fan myself, and had loads of fun with the MML series. I am quite annoyed at the decision myself. If the game was supposed to end at MML2, let it be. But they left such a cliffhanger and this is what we've been waiting to happen?

I do agree with the milking part on SF, somehow it feels too much money and time was spent on it despite so little has been added. (I don't hate Street Fighter, but chances are we'd probably see a Super Hyper Ultimate DX Special HD 3D... etc. Street Fighter 2 Director's Cut). In the end, it appears that the focus was to pull in the old school players' money but tend to leave the new ones aside.

I share your pain.


2011-09-03 19:54:25

I know what you mean but, personally, i gotta say that i was actually kind of relieved when i found out about MML's death (as with MMZ's) because, while i was upset i also thought "well, at least that means they won't get the chance to ruin it"
because, let's face it, it seems Capcom has this pathological need of entirely ruining their series, just look at these examples:
Twilight Dante for DMC

Stupidly thought gameplay and online match-ups for MVC3

Microgame emporium for RE

8-bit for the classic MM (might be a good game, but making it 8-bit was just laziness disguised as "retro")


MMX7 for MMX

Not to mention the five versions of SF4, and the series they outright forgot
nice joke capcom, I hope you're laughing


2011-09-05 14:50:02

Not a huge Mega Man fan tbh but I feel the same way NT. Capcom started to loose my respect and trust around the time the RE5 demo was put out. Since that day Capcom frequently dissapointed me in every step they took. The RE5 DLC, the Lost Planet 2 disaster, Dead Rising 2 plus Off the Record which they call a new game (eh... what?), the reboot of Devil May Cry and yes it is Devil May Cry now not just DMC, I read it in the trailer. The Street Fighter -milking, the Operation Raccoon City... thing which I hope will get murdered by the community and die a horrible death. Absolutely noone like sthe ORC game so far and Capcom must be either just realy blind ot really ignorant not to see this. I think they need to get their business right, stop milking their franchises every 2 years and get their own dev teams focused on GOOD games like a new proper RE game, a survival horror RE game! They have been accused of milking their franchises before and they came up with killer7, Viewtiful Joe (which was awesome) and P.N.03 so whats the big deal this time?! I still got some hope left for Asuras Wrath and Dragons Dogma and maybe the new DMC game is not that bad after all (sniff)


2011-09-06 03:16:39

Seriously Capcom has ticked me off, I've played almost every single MegaMan game they have released (except for a few) and was really waiting for MegaMan Legends 3!!


2011-09-07 22:44:19

I played the megaman legends series a few years ago, and replayed them when I found out ML3 was coming out. That was a serious BS move they played. Really the only game series I still had faith on has been completely and utterly destroyed. I can't look at a Capcom game the same way anymore. I like megaman so much I played just about every single series I could get my hands on. I believe that Capcom is not capcom anymore, just a bunch of money grabbing a**holes.


2011-09-12 22:43:06

I feel your pain...the whole legends thing reminds me of shenmue, two games that will never become trilogies >.<


2011-09-22 22:54:45

hell yeah, I feel the same. I was really expecting MML3, and I'm sure there are countless others like yourself who also wanted to get the old feel of a new MM game and the excitement from tension being released after such a long wait. Also, nice pic, it's pretty cool. c:
Looks like I'll have to rock on with some older rockman games (bad pun intended) as it seems nothing from capcom will make up for this sort of disappointment.