Devil May Cry is dead.

2010-09-15 12:11:43 by NemesisTheory

Anyone catch the TGS 2010 trailer?
It's on Gametrailers if you haven't.

I am in tears right now. One of my favorite series is going straight down the drain. I am angry, I am confused.

I can't believe how Ninja Theory completely missed the point of the entire series. Dante now looks like some emo vampire kid that was taken straight out of Twilight or something. This is miles below what I expected out of the new DMC game.

That town, called "Limbo City" apparently, looks like a Gotham City wannabe. The enemies look like they're straight out of Silent Hill. Dante's attitude is completely gone (as are his muscles and masculinity), his sword.. is that even a sword? What happened to the music?

I probably would have been okay with this game had it not been a Devil May Cry game. But it is exactly that, and a reboot at that, and it looks nothing like the games I've been playing with so much love for the last decade. It needed changes, sure, but nothing like this. Not the nuclear solution.

RIP Devil May Cry.
2001 - 2010.

UPDATED April 13th 2011: A no show at Captivate 11, while a game that was announced little than a week ago got a second trailer (Operation Raccoon City). Ninja Theory is definitely on the ball here!

On a side note, Dragon's Dogma looks awesome. Go Kobayashi Go!

Devil May Cry is dead.


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2010-09-15 12:24:34

just pretend anything after 3 never happened

NemesisTheory responds:

This is probably the sanest thing to do. I will do my best... but somehow, whenever I'll hear something say "Devil May Cry" I'll be reminded of this.

I actually liked DMC4, despite all it's flaws. They were trying some new things there, didn't quite work out... I still don't see how they could've gone from there.

But yes. Wise words.


2010-09-15 12:26:07

Looks interesting, what they shoulda done is just start a new series of course, instead of rebooting the same one over and over. It'll probably be a good game, though alot of people will probably not like it just cuz the same reason that you have, it's not classic DMC so its not DMC.

NemesisTheory responds:

Well, it didn't have to be classic DMC, it just had to be DMC. Right now this seems more vampire themed than devils, and pretty much all the stuff I listed.

Like I also said, it does look interesting when I block out that he called himself Dante and that it's called "DmC" .. but it is what it is. :(


2010-09-15 12:38:51

omg you dont know if its a prequel and you havent seen the gameplay so how can you allready say its dead? you idiot

NemesisTheory responds:

A) It's a confirmed reboot, not a prequel.
B) It's confirmed to have a western touch, a-la God of War.
C) It doesn't look very good right now.
D) This is, incase you haven't noticed, my opinion, and it isn't forced on you... idiot. =]


2010-09-15 12:56:50

it looks likes they are changing everything by the way he moves in the trailer in look likes it's going to be a open word type game like prototype but maybe they changed him to fit with to new type of gameplay but thats no excuse for him to look like a twilight dropout maybe just trying net some money off the movie but if he starts sparkling im shooting someone

NemesisTheory responds:

Open world? That'd be even weirder. XD

I also lol'd at the sparkling bit... I'd shoot someone too if that happened!


2010-09-15 13:02:37

wait its a reboot? whaaaaaaaaa

NemesisTheory responds:

it is indeed, which pretty much also explains the no 5 or 0 or anything. xD


2010-09-15 13:13:59

bullshit wheres the link?


2010-09-15 13:24:55

nvm just found it man this better be fake or the dmc 2 crew made this cause i hope this wont be cannon to the story

NemesisTheory responds:

probably in it's own separate universe I think


2010-09-15 13:36:09

maybe he is a young dante in DMC 5. It doesn't look that bad actually.


2010-09-15 13:44:24

it is a younger dante according to this. 10/09/capcom-game-reveal-devil-may-cr y/

NemesisTheory responds:

he is a younger dante indeed, but it's not *the* dante as far as I'm concerned. xDD


2010-09-15 13:47:14

What the hell happened? The latest iteration makes the Devil May Cry anime worth watching.

NemesisTheory responds:

I never watched it... but after having seen this, I gotta have to agree with you!


2010-09-15 14:04:27

dante wit blackhair ???
NOOO i cant believe it!!

NemesisTheory responds:

it's not the black hair that bothers me... he looks really scrawny and ill XD


2010-09-15 14:11:31

the series always sucked, they all suck, who cares

NemesisTheory responds:

I care!! :(


2010-09-15 14:13:05

I haven't read this post yet, I went over to Gametrailers soon as you mentioned. Lookin at the jpeg they've got up, I am allready sad :(

Oh hey it's not THAT bad. Like yeah he looks like a fuckin nobody punk teen, and the music's boring, and how the fuck does Dante get arrested? and it looks more like Prototype, and somebody else is makin it, and the grunge look is obviously a copy of all the other games comin out now- but at least the combat n animation's still there.
I'm gonna try n stay optimistic until I see gameplay.
If nobody shouts BLASTOFF or BREAKDOWN, then Devil May Cry will be officially dead.

NemesisTheory responds:

I am holding off on full on personal boycott until I see some gameplay too, but having heard it's going into "God of War" type of gameplay, I have to say I'm not feeling very optimistic XD


2010-09-15 14:27:02

Oh and I'm allways against Dante usin a scythe. I think a scythe is a dumb weapon.

NemesisTheory responds:

doesn't really fit for dante i think, never was a big fan of Nevan (aside from guitar shenanigans) or the red queen myself.


2010-09-15 14:33:29

Dang its a reboot? Well thats a bit dissapointing, hopefully the game its self will move in a more intresting direction... I'm gunna miss the white hair.

NemesisTheory responds:

all my hope's riding on the gameplay at the moment.

but i'm not feeling very optimistic :(


2010-09-15 14:48:12

I love the red queen, it's a sword that is also a motorbike, I think it fits the game perfectly

NemesisTheory responds:

crap, that wasn't the weapon I meant.
I mean the one dante uses and has a rose in his mouth -- I totally forgot the name apparently T_T


2010-09-15 15:02:30

Just pretend nothing came after playstation.

NemesisTheory responds:

I might have to do that. DMC4 was OK though!


2010-09-15 15:20:13

I was in your corner....

Till I saw who's making it. Ninja Theory, is pretty badass. Heavenly Sword had an amazing fighting system. And their new game "Enslaved" looks pretty great as well.

I think the original DMC series was cool, but the look, locations and characters have definitely been exhausted. A DMC5 probably would've been, meh..

Im looking forward to seeing what could be done with a fresh perspective.

NemesisTheory responds:

True, Ninja Theory is pretty good and enslaved looks really good.

I think a fresh perspective would've worked, but pretty much everything has been changed. This would've been a perfect new franchise for capcom or ninja theory (or better, both)... but this is a far cry from anything Devil May Cry has been.

I mean look now Resident Evil 4 brought a fresh perspective to the franchise, and it didn't need to reboot the entire thing. That's kinda what I had hoped Ninja Theory would've done, or capcom for that matter -- but this is overboard IMHO.


2010-09-15 15:24:19

The only way I thought they could save the game from being disastrous was for him not to be called Dante. Anything just to show it's an independent character and maybe it stands a chance. As soon as he revealed his name as Dante, that's when the entire thing crashed and went to hell.

NemesisTheory responds:

I felt the same way...
The whole "what's your name" thing kept repeating throughout and I was hoping it'd just be a new character in a different setting...

When he said "Dante", that's when I pretty much exhaled and facepalmed.


2010-09-15 15:24:28

WTF happen to DANTE!

NemesisTheory responds:

he got dejapanized


2010-09-15 16:06:54

You're being a baby

NemesisTheory responds:

no u

But seriously. I'm just venting.


2010-09-15 16:24:11

Probably made to appeal to the hot topic wanna be goth/emo kids.. Theyr'e taking over

NemesisTheory responds:

haha, I wouldn't be surprised XD


2010-09-15 16:37:24

"I am in tears right now."

wow... REALLY?

NemesisTheory responds:

no :P proverbial tears obviously =]


2010-09-15 17:06:15

This is how Greenday sold out. Now DMC :(

NemesisTheory responds:

:( indeed...


2010-09-15 17:18:14

good... anyway, just thought i'd attempt a response.
Dante losing his muscles? yeah, ok. He looks more normal now.
Dante losing his Masculinity? lol... Dante had any?
Dante looking like a "twilight reject"? ...I hate people...

I do agree on the city... it doesn't look original at all (but then DMC never really was original, it was just taking several stock characters/settings and meshing them together somehow) I'm not complaining, I loved the old DMC games.

But really, as long as you acknowledge it as a reboot, and not as a part of the series you love, then it shouldn't matter too much, or just don't acknowledge it at all. Either way, I'm interested to see what it's actually like. I'll probably get it in a few years for £2 out of a bargain bin or something, and enjoy it too.

NemesisTheory responds:

Muscles, he was pretty well defined within normal limits. If you played Devil May Cry 3, the opening sequence where he was shirtless, that was pretty cool. He just had definition. This is a kid that has none (he's shirtless in this trailer, too).

Dante isn't exactly duke nukem, but his overbearing overconfidence, cocky one liners throughout the entire series and complete disrespect for everyone and anything is something that is seemingly missing here.

Also, this guy is smoking. If you recall in earlier games, Dante was heavily against this, saying "it destroys the body" or something along those lines. Now, that's nitpicking almost, but it's something Ninja Theory overlooked when they Americanized him (not trying to be offensive with that).

He looks straight out of Twilight. I don't like twilight, I don't like those preppy teenagers that sparkle. Look at him in that picture. Tell me he doesn't look like some vampire straight out of that movie. The reject is frustration talking.

I'm just frustrated that, and this is personal (not the angry kind of personal, just something that I think), since it's my 2nd favorite series next to megaman and I just don't like what I'm seeing at all here. And I know if that this doesn't sell, Devil May Cry dies, and if it does sell, they'll carry on with it. Odds are we'll never see old Dante again (outside of Marvel vs Capcom 3).

I'm not trying to be a major downer, I'm just horribly disappointed and I'm doing my best not to come across as "whiny" but giving reasons as to why I'm disappointed.

Anyway, I'm gonna keep my eye on TGS and see if the gameplay is something good. At the very least, if I get it and it plays good, I can somewhat be happy.

If not... there's always Bayonetta.


2010-09-15 17:23:33

The game looks passable, but what annoys me is the sudden change in Dante's look, I mean we know that he wasn't always the strong muscular man, but that fag over there looks like a freaking butterfly could take him down, at least give him some muscle. On the good side this thing is actually ok-ish for people who have never played the DMC series.

NemesisTheory responds:

I thought it looked passable too, until I noticed it was a reboot on the press release and that the guy was actually Dante.

And you're right, for people who are new to the franchise, they will most likely get a lot of mileage out of this game. While I didn't particularly care much for Heavenly Sword, I can't deny it was a pretty solid game beneath the surface (though not everyone agrees, it just had "something", to me).


2010-09-15 17:41:52

I can agree on most things, amd Dante smoking is pretty stupid, I wouldn't consider it nitpicking, They should pay more attention to the source material.
I always hate when things are "Americanised" too, and I despise twilight, I'm sorry, i didn't mean to sound like I was against whatever you're saying about that, I'm not, I just hate what Twilight's done, where whenever anyone sees some scrawny pale guy, Twilight's the first thing they liken him too.
I do understand though, and I'd much rather have the old DMC back too, even though it was getting tedious, like with Megaman as you mentioned, hopefully this will just be a sort of... "additional" series, like Megaman X and not completely stop the original DMC. Capcom are probably regretting this already considering the reception it's getting. To be honest I don't like the new design much either, random crap hanging from his neck, wearing that flag on his arm... and really... "Limbo city" sounds horrible.
Still, hopefully the gameplay won't be too shit. :)

NemesisTheory responds:

We can only hope this isn't permanent, I guess. Unless it turns out to be great, but honestly, I don't see it happening.

It's all riding on gameplay at this point. I wasn't particularly impressed about his shape-shifting sword that has some serious Bleach fangasm spread all over it.


2010-09-15 18:14:21

The devil may cry because of this :(

NemesisTheory responds:

Trust me, Sparda is already crying.


2010-09-15 18:40:01

so......that means that to be a badass first you have to be an emo?

NemesisTheory responds:

Absolutely not. Dante was anything but an emo in past games. :P


2010-09-15 18:44:35

^ lol


2010-09-15 19:14:33

ctrl + F "emo", 4 results

NemesisTheory responds:

You should CTRL + F the Capcom forums. XD


2010-09-15 19:57:30

qq more

NemesisTheory responds:

haters gunna hate
i shall qq more, tyvm


2010-09-15 20:37:19

I feel your pain brother :C Devil May Cry 1 was one of my favorite shoot em' ups, still is too, but this... Is just a disgrace, shame on you Ninja Theory.

NemesisTheory responds:

Even a day later, watching that trailer again, I still can't believe how they managed to miss just about everything that made DMC what it is.

But we're not alone. Just about every DMC forum I'm a part of has pretty much blown up. Capcom has to have seen or noticed this by now.


2010-09-15 21:08:12

They could have at least given him a different name other then Dante.

NemesisTheory responds:

I was hoping for that. I could even have lived with that. But this whole reboot thing is like a kick to the face.


2010-09-15 21:13:14

He would actually look pretty cool if he still had....ya know...... HIS TRADEMARK HAIR!!! But do what Oney said, ignore anything after 3, and play the first like no tommorow. That game was a masterpiece.

NemesisTheory responds:

For me it's not just his look. It's everything. Not one thing in that trailer made me think it was a Devil May Cry game.

But yeah, DMC3 will forever be the king of action games, IMO.


2010-09-15 22:00:26

I just watched the trailer and as a loyal DMC fan I have only this to say... WHAT BIZZARO WORLD HAVE I STEPPED INTO!?


2010-09-15 22:15:57

So, new Dante huh? Didn't they read the dmc3 manga when they show him as a kid? WHITE HAIR! And what happened to his all to memorable sword Rebellion? I just don't understand the world anymore...

NemesisTheory responds:

It's a reboot. And Ninja Theory obviously has no idea what made DMC tick or what the fans liked about it.

They've pretty much Tim Burton'd the entire franchise, figuring that would be kind of cool. Its not.


2010-09-15 22:36:08

Wha.. what the fuck am I looking at.. Please, capcom.. PLEASE come to your senses and trash this, or like somebody else mentioned, have this not be the real Dante.. I think I'll cry the day this is released if it doesn't turn out to be some kind of misunderstanding. EVERYTHING looks wrong...

NemesisTheory responds:

Everything *does* look wrong...
I really hope the people making the game are watching this backlash. I really do.


2010-09-15 22:40:46

Okay, that's freaking BS. Why would CapCom do this to us! Whyyy??!!! :( This is a total annihilation and desecration of THE Dante that we all know and love. Seriously, what the hell happened??! He looks nothing like Dante, and he....just looks...I don't know how to say it....He looks like a stupidly depressed teenager? Idk. But still, once I read this, I have lost faith in Capcom. SHAME on them.

NemesisTheory responds:

Yeah, he does look like that... I can't recognize a single aspect of the real Dante in him.

As for why, apparently it didn't sell enough and God of War-type titles do, and like Inafune said... they wanted to give it a western touch. This is much more than a simple touch though. :/


2010-09-15 22:47:59

The good news...its not out "yet"
Bad news...I doubt there will be much to stop it,

But with games who knows? It's possible it may be scrapped widway (unlikely) but I feel your pain...they should just change it to "Edward will cry" and we'll call it a wash...because. Dante looks like Edward....and that bothers me.

NemesisTheory responds:

Well to be honest with you, I've never seen a fan backlash this big ever. All of the forums I've been to, devil may cry related ofcourse, have almost self destructed. I think it's safe to say 95% of the fans are completely angry of what they've done.

It's getting big enough to the point that maybe, somewhere, they'll realize it was a mistake. But I doubt that. They'll probably ask us to be patient and allow them to show us more of the game etc, but so far, tonally, they missed every mark and ruined so many things. I don't even think the gameplay can be any good, especially if it's veering towards God of War like they implied.


2010-09-15 22:56:54


i readed all the comments that the people put in the trailer and everyone hate it. Is like making someone like Chuck Norris look like a emo....EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!....well, is not epic fail. is a GARGANTUAN FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NemesisTheory responds:

It really is... :(


2010-09-15 23:04:28

I just hope that the gameplay is better. :(

NemesisTheory responds:

They said they'd westernize it, a-la God of War, so I'm not betting on it.

Others may like it, but I am not a fan of the God of War type of combat... I like stuff like Viewtiful Joe, Bayonetta and Devil May Cry.

But who knows, it might be the best of both worlds... but I doubt it.


2010-09-16 04:01:02

WTF! This is an afront to the cool exterior that is Dante!

This emo-goth remake of Dante looks more like Edward Furlong from the straight to DVD "The Crow" movie. I mean, what's with this "teenage runaway" look? What are you kid, some punker who doubles as a male prostitute? Look at his head, he looks like Frankenstein's monster!

Effin horrible. I don't like emo boys. Give me cocky men!


2010-09-16 04:49:23

Ok, looked at the trailer here: -10-devil-may/704508


Well its a different take on DmC series. The trailer looks fine, the voice actor set to play him gives him more of a cocky bastard vibe than the picture you posted (which doesn't do him any justice at all because it looks way emo), and his hair is partially white...rather, a white patch on the top of his head so as to not lose the character of Dante completely.

Sure he smokes, but I found it funny and also a bit true to Dante's form (if he were to take up smoking) to extinguish it on his enemies while he's taking them out. lol

I'm still not cool with this whole "youth rehabilitation" thing they set up to appeal to new or younger sects who never played the first 3.

Body-wise, this guy still looks like Edward Furlong. He looks like a complete push over. So I'm hoping to never see him with his shirt off.

Oh well. I'm sure the gameplay will make this a blast to play and hopefully the new take will garner some respect with first gen DMC players.

In the meantime I'm going to stare at the Team ICO trailer for The Last Guardian again and wonder if they actually got a cat to model for them.

NemesisTheory responds:

All my hopes are riding on gameplay at the moment, because the entire visual tone of the game is completely wrong (it doesn't look like DMC. at all, not even a little).

So I'm going to have to wait for that..
The smoking thing is wrong. Dante absolutely hates cigarettes, it's just another thing to add to the things Ninja Theory didn't care about when they redesigned pretty much everything.

But yes, Last Guardian looks crazy good!


2010-09-16 13:10:13

Capcoms just going through a phase kinda like the prince of persia series
prince of persia 1-3 BADASS
prince of persia 4 great
prince of persia 5 Awesome

NemesisTheory responds:

i really hope so


2010-09-16 21:52:00

Yeah.. Honestly, if Capcom and/or Ninja Theory is paying ANY attention to the people, AT ALL, they'll realize they made a huge mistake. Almost NOBODY wants this, I haven't seen more than 1 or 2 people happy with this change yet, and if there ARE any others who like it they're few and far between. I know they're changing it up for a western audience, to try and get better sales, but at the rate it's going, they'll probably sell worse than ever, unless there's some SERIOUS difference between the trailer and the final product.

As you mentioned before, if they go ahead with the release of this, there are two ways it can go: Sales bomb and Capcom drops the Devil May Cry series forever. Why would they try and continue it after it fails miserably? Or, the game sells really well, and the Devil May Cry we know and love is gone forever, and replaced with this.. emo, smoking, completely backasswards trash.
The only way I can see Capcom fixing this is if they completely drop the project. And unless they're paying attention to the people, I don't see that happening any time soon.

NemesisTheory responds:

well today I learned it was 99% capcom's mistake because they pressured the development team into making it "drastically different" in order to appeal to more western audiences...

dmc4 sold like 2.7 million, but capcom are apparently getting greedy and want 5+ million copies sold.

to add to that... neither ninja gaiden or bayonetta, alone or combined, even touched 2.7 million sold so I dunno what the problem is. :(


2010-09-17 18:51:44

I made the mistake of looking at the trailer for this after reading this post.
Ninja Theory, I am dissapoint.

NemesisTheory responds:

me too.. I still am :(


2010-09-18 22:35:46

Honestly, Its a good and bad thing.
Sure he looks retard and emo.
Honestly, If this was a prequel in an alternate universe I wouldn't care. See, if they simply improved/changed his character design drastically and the combat is a DMC/GoW hybrid I could care less oh, as long they ditch the location. Its one thing to be nostalgic and another thing to be stuck in the past which I'm getting that vibe.

So honestly, for all we know its just an alternate version of the series, it could be awesome or utter crap. Its definitely not DMC 5, as in the trailer all it said was DMC. So honestly, with the 'real' Dante appearing in the new Marvel vs. Capcom game, people will honestly probably realize that the new game is /possible/ garbage and not buy it because the 'real' Dante as you know is badass, unlike the the new emo punk junkie we are getting.

NemesisTheory responds:

it definitely seems to be what you think it will be...

they said something like a reinvisionment, a reboot.. kinda like what they did with the new silent hill game on the wii.

i'm still not happy with what happened, but i'm smart enough to know they're not gonna change it because they've said several times now it's connected to the plot and they want it to be relevant in today's fashion and whatnot..

but... to be honest, this will probably be the first dmc game i wont buy. especially if the gameplay doesnt hold up, which I think it wont..


2010-09-19 22:08:48

yes everything you have written about it is exactly what i said when i saw the trailer. This is a big slap in the face to all devil may cry fans.

NemesisTheory responds:

and to think they're expecting this to be a super hit.. >_>


2010-09-21 09:56:41

It'll be okay; there has to be a perfectly good explanation for all of this, right?..... RIGHT!?
::Hyperventilates Uncontrollably:: WWWHHHHYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!?!?

NemesisTheory responds:

only one