HOLD IT! Please add this Remix to the court record!

2009-08-02 05:57:35 by NemesisTheory

I'm finally back after a too long absence from NG!

But I hope to make up for lost time by submitting this remix of PHOENIX WRIGHT: ACE ATTORNEY. The entire team I work with are huge fans of this series, and myself included! So it was about time for a Phoenix Wright remix, I think!

Please check it out whenever you feel like it, and if you haven't played any of the Ace Attorney games and love great writing, stories and characters, PLEASE DO. These games are unforgettable! I'm going to be a fangirl and say *I think* that the stories are generally better than the entire metal gear series! Yes, I went there! :o

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /260772

So I hope you enjoy the song, and like me, are totally bummed out because AAI: Miles Edgeworth (<333) doesn't come out until FEBRUARY next year. T____T

reEDIT 1/19/2010:
OMG it made OCR <3 *explodes into confetti*
* OMG capcom reps heard it and loved it <3 *re-explodes into bits of glorious jelly*


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2009-08-02 06:53:18

one of the best artist of newgrounds, exelent remix !

NemesisTheory responds:

Thank you <3


2009-08-02 08:40:05

yea i agree with hulalaoo completly lol That remix was perfect!

NemesisTheory responds:

ahahah, it's far from perfect but definitely a right step in the proper direction <3


2009-08-02 16:25:11

OBJECTION! This track is too good for the Court Record! We must put it on a CD Album!

NemesisTheory responds:

The prosecution has no objections to this! XD


2009-08-05 08:42:09

Good lord... Although i never played a phoenix wright game the remix you made is just beautiful.

Keep up the good work lass!


2009-08-08 16:25:25

holy crud! I've listened to rose at midnight for like a year now, and even used it in a cartoon! but have never been to your profile. glad your back on NG! ^__^


2009-08-12 19:22:07

hey the song is awesome but if you do another theme from pw do the steel samuri theme


2009-08-15 20:25:43

You grace Newgrounds with your talent, you regal artist.


2009-08-17 18:19:20

You are a really talented woman at what you do. Espically when you make music. I was wondering if you could give me some advice or some words on how you do it. I have some songs coming up in the future and I'd like to get your opinion on it. I'm a big fan of your jams. So thanks!

<M.A.P. 1385>


2009-08-31 21:56:16

Woooot! Respect that, and on a side note... something I'd forgotten about... I previously took up Newgrounds' offer to use your music granted its credited for our FIRST Robotics 2009 Video *usfirst.org is first's site* so, a whole pile of people who rated the video at the competitions gave it a thumbs up in the review. Aaannnyyyway~ Though another good video game's music to remix would be, if you remember it, the original Ridge Racer for PlayStation 1... it's prolly got a lot for you to work with, but </suggestion>. Ugh. I'm rambling. Enjoy listening to it, and it's been added to my iTouch.


2009-09-14 19:53:26

I'm glad you're back. I've been behind to review your tracks and work. Solid tracks, great job on them!


2009-09-21 12:15:52

excuse me for ask mybe all people make this question
but how much time take make a new audio?


2009-09-23 01:30:43

So due to your awesome music, I'll be NG stalking you :P

If you'd like to check out my stuff, I'd greatly appreciate it :)


2009-09-28 22:35:39

Your music is awesome <3 it keeps me entertained for hours when I'm playing video games cuz I just mute the TV. ^.^


2009-09-29 15:38:03

I'd love it if you did something in a similar style to your Castlevania remix - the percussion was really punchy and the tranced out sound was wonderful :)


2009-10-09 07:51:47



2009-10-17 21:31:00

I am a big fan of your music, but did you just call pheonix wright better than metal gear? you ma'am are 42 kinds of crazy!


2009-10-18 22:31:09

The song was friggen awesome off the awesomness scale ^^,


2009-10-28 11:30:45

totaly agree and i have all the metal gear games!


2009-11-05 00:53:51

Aaaaawesome :)


2009-11-07 16:30:02

as usual you've given my ears an orgy.


2009-11-24 05:28:24

Good to see you back, we both know the ups and downs in creativity. Now go and create some new masterpieces!


2010-01-08 13:26:58

He is right! Every song of yours is like a real vison! Just Great...


2010-01-21 12:16:48

Hee hee hee, 'n Utrechter :D

"Show No Tears" is echt gaaf, ga zo door. ;)


2010-01-22 22:48:21

Come back to us please you sexy nemesis theory you!!


2010-02-17 21:32:34

I has all of your mp3s on loop whenever I'm doodling.
They're that awesome :O
Plz2make moar.


2010-04-28 22:00:50

Your music is the best thing my ears have ever heard in my entire life...


2010-05-23 12:34:33

Do a remix for Objection!, thanks ^^


2010-05-25 18:47:53

hey you


2010-05-29 17:12:25

woot! only after being a fan of your work for several months i discover you're from holland, like me :P makes me proud to be dutch!

NemesisTheory responds:



2010-08-02 19:54:25

Le Cry! It's been a whole year and nary a thing. Where'd you go?! come back!!

NemesisTheory responds:

i'm right here :>


2010-08-21 21:22:06

What do you use to make your music? Is it a download, a website, or something else. I'd like to make music if i could only fine the right maker/remixer.

NemesisTheory responds:

FL Studio 9! :)


2010-08-23 00:06:00

still blastin' is absolutely my favorite video-game song of all time. I'm going to be listening to it for a while. Your skills are truly godly.

NemesisTheory responds:

Thanks! I find it really hard to believe you'd prefer it to soooooo many other awesome VG songs out there, but I really am honored you think so highly of it. :)


2010-08-24 02:02:08


NemesisTheory responds:

I didn't make fear, Dizimz made it! I just did the music. <3


2010-08-29 13:06:14

LOL, #1 spot this week, exactly where it belongs...

NemesisTheory responds:

I really don't think it does, but that doesn't make me any less happy! Thanks! <33


2010-09-05 01:55:43

You My Lady are my all time favorite artist and composer here on Newgrounds, because you seem to have an excellent ear for detail whether if it's from the smallest chime to an abrupt pause, it just fits into every genere and aspect of a flash. Thank you for your continous and awesome work and keep up the good work!


2010-09-09 17:07:41

I was wondering if the newer rose is going to be rose at eclipse

NemesisTheory responds:



2011-01-31 11:29:11

You are by far my favorite Audio Artist on here