Street Fighter Foouuuuurrr! Say it with me!

2009-05-01 14:37:52 by NemesisTheory

I felt the need to make a new post asking everyone if they play Street Fighter IV!

I bought it for PS3 on release and have been playing it ever since.
I am a huge Street Fighter fan (I adore Capcom, really, almost all of my favorite games are made by them) since I was little and played SF2 a lot back then too, but I was pretty bad at it XD

I guess growing up has its advantages, I feel I'm a little better now!
This new Tournament Mode is really awesome, i finally got the chance to try it out today since my own TV broke a month ago and I now connected my PS3 downstairs... downstairs has a pretty basic TV but I wont complain. XD

Soooo who do you guys all main?
I'm gonna sonic shock everyone and say I main GUILE! The man with perfect hair <3 hahaha.

I notice with tournament edition people really seem to pick completely different people... I even fought another Guile today! It was totally awesome even though he had ten times my GP. XD I never had this happen before in player or ranked matches! :O and I almost played like 500 matches too XD

Anyway if anyone wants to play (and probably beat) me my PSN is NemesisTheory, which shouldn't come as a shock to anyone really. XD

Anyway, SFIV is awesome!!


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2009-05-01 14:52:01

Yeah! My main character is Guile as well, although I do better with him on the 360 controller since his Super/Ultras are easier to pull off due to lack of 8 pivots and just four. Other than that, I'm still decent with Guile on the PS3.
If I had a PS3, I'd play with you.

NemesisTheory responds:

Awesome! We need more Guiles. :D I dont see a lot of them, but I know they're there!

About the Ultra... I wouldn't know, I dont play it on 360 but sometimes my finger falls asleep while charging for it and I can't do the motions anymore. >< All I get, usually, is an EX Flashkick. XD Which isn't what I wanted... If only they kept the motion the same as in SF2HDRemix... That would've been great. XD

Anyway, too bad you dont have a PS3. ;(


2009-05-01 15:08:41

I was playing it for a while after it was released (360). I played as Ryu and Fei Long. I stopped for a while, but then one of my friends become obsessed with it. So I started playing again every now and again. Its a interesting game, very similar to SF2. Characters are a bit too bulky though in my opinion.

NemesisTheory responds:

Cool! Fei Long has such an awesome Focus Attack, it goes so far. XD Totally catches me by surprise sometimes. And yes... it's a lot like SF2, just some characters have been upgraded a bit (sagat XD) while others didn't. At least Dan is here and still cool! XD

And yes, they are. :O Ryu totally bulked up sooo much XD


2009-05-01 15:26:57

Wasn't there supposed to be a fucking sf4 collab on newgrounds? organised by Stamper and Jeff and loads of people sent in there stuff and nobody has heard anything about it for months now. Not sure what the hell is going on there.

NemesisTheory responds:

yeah I think they're still busy on it. It must be a lot of work :) I'm sure we'll see it someday soon!


2009-05-01 17:26:13

Hell yeah.
I'm normally Ken. Personally prefer him because of his shoryuken.
I'd very much like to give you a match :) I'm sure you'd kick the shit out of me n_n

NemesisTheory responds:

Cool! Be sure to add me then! :D

And Ken is cool! I like his crazy fast style. A lot of people are Ken online so I have a lot of practice playing him, but... nobody plays the same, apart from "flowchart" ken, which is almost always Shoryuken and jump-sweep hahaha XD

and dont be so sure XD


2009-05-01 17:48:49

main is Balrog, alt is Akuma or Bison, too bad I don't have a PS3, you'll be missing an ass-kicking from me. ^-^

NemesisTheory responds:

Too bad indeed =(, a lot of people have the 360 version it seems. XD

And cool, Balrog is pretty strong XD


2009-05-01 18:02:05

Yah it is a pretty awesome game.
My Main characters are Dan, Ken , and Zangief
I havn't got to try the tournament thing yet tho , but if I ever do I'll look you up so you can feel the wrath of Dan.
Also just putting this out there Sagat and Seth are both extremly cheap characters (Super-Strength/Speed/Health) I don't even play with them at all , but whenever I land on them when I pick random its total destruction.
Ok well later

NemesisTheory responds:

You main dan? that is so cool XD
whenever someone does super taunt I will let them finish it XD it's so funny, except when they cancel it into an ultra >.< :P

Sagat is pretty strong yes, but he's not invincible at least :D


2009-05-04 07:42:49

I'll try to play it, but whats really good is your music.
Try to write more and keep your fans happy!
DarkDudeAli ;-j

NemesisTheory responds:

You SHOULD try to play it! And lol, it's not better than my music. XD

I'll do my best... currently working on a big project but I can't upload these to NG. But maybe I can upload one... we'll see. XD



2009-05-04 21:41:46

WAAAAA YOU'RE A HUGE SF FAN TOO!? OMG! I still need to get a ps3 T_T

Btw I main Sagat and try to use Chun-Li.
So when I get a ps3, WE SHALL KUNG FU FIGHT!!!

Love ya! ^_^v

NemesisTheory responds:

Big SF fan here! But MegaMan more ofcourse. ;D

Sagat is so powerful >< you would probably beat me hahah.
And yes, WE WILL! =D

<3 ya too!


2009-05-04 23:11:57

My main is Ken. I love all of the combos you can pull off with him, plus he's just awesome. I'd play you, but I got the 360 version.

NemesisTheory responds:

Yeah Ken is so awesome <3, his fire shoryuken is painful XD!!

And too bad you have the 360 version!


2009-05-08 06:40:57

D: I wanna PS3.

NemesisTheory responds:

I wanna PS3 too!
Oh, wait XD


2009-05-10 22:07:54

so far all of ur music is far past awesome so go right ahead :D!!!

NemesisTheory responds:

Thank you!! :D


2009-05-11 02:31:55

i would love to play with you!!! im a big fan of you !!! lets fightttt!!!

NemesisTheory responds:

Then we definitely should <3
the tv downstairs gives me headaches though so i'm not on PSN a lot anymore because of it... I WANT MY TV BACK lol


2009-05-12 09:26:09

I hate street fighter! Its just a cheap rip off of tekken m8

NemesisTheory responds:



2009-05-13 00:26:06

SF4, such a great game. Capcom outdid themselves this time.

Anyways, I main Gouken. He's my best and I love beating characters like sagat, zangief, and ryu with him since he's lower tier than they are. Anyways, the game is super fun and i'm enjoying championship mode. I'll add you, my PSN is Epedemicc. Hope to see you online, and don't think i'll go easy cuz you're a chick. ;)

NemesisTheory responds:

yeah they really did :O

Gouken is awesome, his counters are such a pain lol XD. It makes jumpins really stupid to do lol. =D

Okay! Next time I am on PSN I will add you too!


2009-05-14 22:16:23

SF4 is indeed awesome, and yeah, they are bulked up so much! I like how Zangief grabs and spins you, but I've seen you tube videos of this monk guy, who deflects almost every attack! (Even Ryu's super special something) Damn, I want a PS3! (Hope my savings earn up to it by my b-day) and I shall FACE YOU! (I suck at Sf2, =d) I would play Guile, Chun Li, or Ryu, as they all own, like how Guile does his air kicks and waves (spiky hair! >=)) and Chun Li's super ball attack and kicks, and Ryu's Shoryuken and spinning kick! When I get it, I SHALL PLAY ROSE AT TWILIGHT IN BATTLE!!!! (Or the other roses, in fact, it's so epic for fights xD)

NemesisTheory responds:

I think you mean Dhalsim! People who are good with him really scare me, haha, it's hard to get close to them when you're Guile. :)

It'd actually be funny to play a rose song in the BG. XD But the SFIV soundtrack totally rocks and I dont want to remove it, not even for a second. :D


2009-05-22 02:31:32

lol awesome, i would play ya except for a few minor problems. i dont have a ps3, which actually isnt a problem cause i go over to my buddies place to play his all the time. he is also a big street fighter and nemesistheory fan, until he was online and got rediculously dominated by someone playing as ryu. he tried fighting him as every character he knows how to play and got dominated every time. so he traded in the game and figures he would rent it whenever he wanted to play it, which needless to say would be a while from now. oh well, cause i was really lookin forward to playin you. i play as bison btw, and guile and sakura occasionally, but i usually suck as them :P. hopefully ill get a ps3 in the near future, esp. with the upcoming price i just realized how ling this comment is lol. anyhoo hopefully i can get my buddy to rent it soon so we can play ya online. lookin forward to it, and lookin forward to more music created by the great NT!!

NemesisTheory responds:

It is pretty discouraging when you get beat a lot by the same guy, luckily that never happens to me. XD I adjust pretty well to whoever I play in a few rounds!

Bison is awesome too btw! Charge characters are so much fun haha. Looking forward to it myself as well!


2009-05-23 17:49:40

I've Finally Bought This Game! It's really cool.. But I think that you are gonna beat my ass of. XD But The game is epic. HADOKEN!!!!!

NemesisTheory responds:

By all means add me if you haven't already and let's play a few rounds!
I have my TV back so I can play whenever now XD


2009-05-26 00:58:25

Truthfully, SFIV was a disappointment to me. It's not really as good as SFIII Third Strike. The gameplay is a bit slow, and some moves are very useless. Even so, I still played it, and I usually played Ken. His kicks have a long range, and his moves are fast. He has some good attacks to pressure any guard. Overall, he makes a pretty good fighter.

NemesisTheory responds:

I like it a bit better than third strike myself because it lends itself more to people who are just getting started/are not that good XD those parries really messed with my head when one of my friends, who is very good at third strike, would parry everything I did. :(

but yes, Ken is cool!


2009-05-26 05:12:59

Heh, I main Dan, Ryu and Bison in SFIV. =)

And if you want, you can add my PSN, which is: Muggshoter
(Note the one "t". =D )

Also, you have done some good music. I should listen to them more often. XD

NemesisTheory responds:

Dan for the wiiiin hahaa XD~

And thank you! You really should <3 XD


2009-05-28 19:07:41

I love your tunes foa! I still have my sega genesis and SF2 Champ ed. I ant wait to get the new one!

NemesisTheory responds:

And get it! It's awesome!


2009-06-03 01:03:49

Hey NT! You see top 30 this week? Why is my 2 year old, 2nd submission #15? Wasnt expecting that to happen lol

btw gratz for making top 30 3 times this week haha ^_^v

NemesisTheory responds:

lol I didn't even notice it until I read this comment XD
three weeks, really? that's crazy XD

grats to you as well for 15 spot! :D :D


2009-06-03 12:58:37

This afternoon my RSS feed said you submitted a new song. But by the time I got home it was gone. What happened? :o

NemesisTheory responds:

It was way too short to be honest. ;( It ran about 1:06 and I felt if I was going to put it on here, I definitely should make it at least 2 minutes!

sorry about that ;(


2009-06-05 11:21:54

Your Audio makes my mind wonder from place to place, what i feel about the piece, they're all awesome. absolutely awesome.

NemesisTheory responds:

Thank you! :D


2009-06-10 15:59:29

I love Akuma, but that just me.

SFIv is brillant, and geniune to the peak.

NemesisTheory responds:

Akuma really is madness to fight against, especially if the player is any good... All those air hadokens, yikes XD. It takes patience to find a hole to punch through to Akuma.

Anyway, yes, SFIV is brilliant XD


2009-06-10 19:33:20

I'm sure you'll be able to beat me. I main Sagat and I pretty much suck. I'm a really big fan of your music.

NemesisTheory responds:

Sagats always fear me-- I can handle the spammers quite easily (rule #1: no jumpins. ever) but the ones who are realy good with him ánd know when to spam just thrash me. XD

Also thank you!! :D


2009-06-14 20:19:15

lol heck yeah capcom is lagit and i like there res games i have the 5th one LAWL i hav a ps3.... =P

NemesisTheory responds:

Resi5 really is great, too. :)


2009-06-15 21:18:20

I love all of your submissions!!

NemesisTheory responds:

Thank you!


2009-06-16 11:15:34

Well apparently I'm the only one ever who mains Blanca. XD Ahhh, good ol' fashioned videogames! I'm glad that the new Street Fighter remained true to the originals. It really is a great game. ^_^ We should definately play some time!

On a side note; your music is fantastic. As somebody personally creating an RPG and composing the music to it myself, I can very much appreciate the type of music you're creating. Hopefully I'll run into you on PSN. ^_^

Oh, and yeah... Capcom's one of the best. Here's to gaming!

~Dylan ^_^

NemesisTheory responds:

Blanka is my feared opponent. T_T I have such a hard time with good Blanka's because they know what works against Guile. XD

Also thanks very much for the compliments! :D
About PSN, well so far I'm adding whoever sends me a request (it's been quite a few :D) and I don't see why I wouldn't add you if you sent me a request. :)

And indeed! To capcom! XD


2009-06-16 13:14:35

Street Fighter IV is, indeed, extreeeemely fun. I reserved the Collector's Edition the day Game Stop let me, and called in sick to work the day it came out. What can I say, I'm bad. ;-)

I haven't played any ranked online games, just unranked ones, so I don't know how well I'd do in that tier. I played Guile a lot in the original SF2 but moved to Ryu and Ken and every so often play a little Chun Li.

NemesisTheory responds:

Nice! I wanted that edition too but they weren't getting it. :( And haha, that sounds like something I would do. XD

Ryu and Ken are good characters to start with, mainly because they're really good too. XD I actually haven't seen that many Chun Li's around lately... :(


2009-06-18 11:32:34

Your music rocks! hope you will make more!

NemesisTheory responds:

Thanks! I'm on it... ;)


2009-06-23 00:12:08

hey Nemesis, check your mail I sent you an offer you might be interested in.

NemesisTheory responds:

responded <3


2009-06-23 18:36:15

Street Fighter Foouuuuurrr... a friend of mine is getting it... FIRE FROM MY HANDS!


2009-07-02 20:59:28

Have tons of fun with your new game there Nemesis, I look forward to new music :)


2009-07-14 03:03:39

Ben jij ook nederlands???


2009-07-14 06:56:54

heeeey how you doing my friend?


2009-07-19 18:12:24

I play on xbox 360 and my main is abel because I love his specials and tornado throw!